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Southern Research Laboratories, Inc. is committed to Quality.

SRL's Quality Assurance is "The Top Priority": The objective of this laboratory, Southern Research Laboratories, Inc. (SRL), and its quality program is to ensure that all data generated by it are scientifically valid, defensible, and of known acceptable accuracy.

SRL's quality objective includes meeting the requirements of the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP) standards, as adopted by the Florida Department of Health Laboratory Certification Program.

Quality objectives are communicated to, understood, and implemented by all SRL laboratory personnel. SRL's Ethics & Legal Responsibilities are clear: SRL employees and management are ethically and legally responsible in providing accountability for the quality and integrity of the laboratory services we provide. This responsibility requires that SRL employees properly document pertinent laboratory functions and that data produced by them are of known, documented quality.

SRL employees are charged with striving to maintain and improve their technical knowledge and professional competence. In addition, SRL employees are required to maintain a cooperative, professional working relationship with colleagues and clients.




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