Organics-Volatiles (VOCs) Analysis:

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) have relatively low boiling points, and are thus, easily vaporize into the atmosphere.  The VOCs are removed from the sample matrix by purging an inert gas through the sample where the VOCs are collected on a trap system.

The availability of reliable, accurate and precise monitoring methods for toxic VOCs is a primary need for state and local agencies addressing daily monitoring requirements related to odor complaints, fugitive emissions, and trend monitoring.  VOCs enter the atmosphere from a variety of sources, including petroleum refineries, synthetic organic chemical plants, natural gas processing plants, biogenic sources, and automobile exhaust.  Many of these VOCs are toxic so that their determination in ambient air is necessary to access human health impacts.

Some VOCs are extracted from the sample matrix with a solvent.  This Solvent is then introduced onto a GC column for separation like extractable organics.  In the same analyses the solvent may also be added to water and then purged to a trap system, etc.



8011, Solid

EDB/DBCP in Soils and Waste (8011)

8011,  Water

EDB/DBCP in Water (8011)

8015, Solid

Solvent/Alcohol Scan in Soil & Waste (8015B)

8015, Water

Solvent/Alcohol Scan in Water (8015B)

8260, Extra

8260 with Extra Volatile Organics in Water  by GC-MS (8260)

8260, Library

8260 Library Search

8260, Solid

Volatile Organics in Soil & Waste by GC-MS (5030/8260)

8260, Water

Volatile Organics in Water  by GC-MS (5030/8260)


Volatile Organics~Low Level Method in Soil & Waste by GC-MS (5035/8260)

RSK 175

RSK 175 (Dissolved Gases)

VOA-LL, Solid

Volatile Aromatics~Low Level Method in Soil (5035/8021 VOA)

VOA Ext., Solid

Volatile Aromatics in Soils (5030/8021 VOA) with Napathalene

VOA Ext., Water

Volatile Aromatics in Water (5030/8021 VOA) with Naphthalene

VOA, Solid

Volatile Aromatics in Soils (5030/8021 VOA)

VOA, Water

Volatile Aromatics in Water (5030/8021 VOA)

VOA/VOH Ext.,  S olids

Volatile Aromatics/Halocarbons in Soils and Wastes (5030/8021) Extended List

VOA/VOH Ext.,  Water

Volatile Aromatics/Halocarbons in Water (5030/8021) Extended List

VOA/VOH LL, So lid

Volatile Aromatics/Halocarbons ~Low Level Method in Soil (5035/8021)

VOA/VOH, Solids

Volatile Aromatics/Halocarbons in Soils (5030/8021)

VOA/VOH, Water

Volatile Aromatics/Halocarbons in Water (5030/8021)

VOH-LL, Solid

Volatile Halocarbons ~Low Level Method in Soil (5035/8021 VOH)

VOH, Solid

Volatile Halocarbons in Soil & Waste (5030/8021 VOH)

VOH, Water

Volatile Halocarbons in Water (5030/8021 VOH)

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