Metal Analysis:


Samples tested for metals undergo a digestion procedure using strong acids to convert the metal compounds to a solution form. The samples are either digested and analyzed with the results reported as "Total", or they are digested and analyzed after filtration and the results are reported as "dissolved". Testing for inorganics and miscellaneous items are listed on the Inorganic/Misc. page.



Ag, Dissolved

Silver (Ag), Dissolved (272.2)

Ag, Solid

Silver (Ag), Soil & Waste (6010B)

Ag, Water

Silver (Ag), Water (272.1)

Al, Dissolved

Aluminum (Al), Dissolved (202.1)

Al, Solid

Aluminum (Al), Soil & Waste (7020)

Al, Water

Aluminum (Al), Water (202.1)

As, Dissolved

Arsenic (As), Dissolved (206.3)

As, Solid

Arsenic (As), Soil & Waste (6010B)

As, Water

Arsenic (As), Water (206.3)

B, Dissolved

Boron (B), Dissolved (200.7)

B, Solid

Boron (B), Soil & Waste (6010B)

B, Water

Boron (B), Water (200.7)

Ba, Dissolved

Barium (Ba), Dissolved (208.1)

Ba, Solid

Barium (Ba), Soil & Waste (6010B)

Ba, Water

Barium (Ba) , Water (208.1)

Be, Dissolved

Beryllium (Be), Dissolved (210.2)

Be, Solid

Beryllium (Be), Soil & Waste (7090)

Be, Water

Beryllium (Be), Water (210.2)

Ca, Dissolved

Calcium (Ca), Dissolved (215.1)

Ca, Solid

Calcium (Ca), Soil & Waste (7140)

Ca, Water

Calcium (Ca), Water (215.1)

Cd, Disolved

Cadmium (Cd), Dissolved (213.2)

Cd, Solid

Cadmium (Cd), Soil & Waste (6010B)

Cd, Water

Cadmium (Cd), Water (213.1)

Co, Dissolved

Cobalt (Co), Dissolved (219.2)

Co, Solid

Cobalt (Co), Soil and Waste (7200)

Co, Water

Cobalt (Co), Water (219.2)

Cr, Dissolved

Chromium (Cr), Dissolved (218.2)

Cr, Hex

Chromium, Hexavalent - See Misc. Analysis

Cr, Solid

Chromium (Cr), Soil & Waste (6010B)

Cr, Trivalent

Chromium, Trivalent - See Misc. Analysis

Cr, Water

Chromium (Cr), Water (218.1)

Cu, Dissolved

Copper (Cu), Dissolved (220.1)

Cu, Solid

Copper (Cu), Soil & Waste (6010B)

Cu, Water

Copper (Cu), Water (220.1)


Cyanide - See Misc. Analysis

Fe, Dissolved

Iron (Fe), Dissolved (236.1)

Fe, Ferrous

Iron, Ferrous - See Misc. Analysis

Fe, Solid

Iron (Fe), Soil & Waste (7380)

Fe, Water

Iron (Fe), Water (236.1)

Hardness, Ca

Hardness, Calcium - See Misc. Analysis

Hg, Dissolved

Mercury (Hg), Dissolved (245.1)

Hg, Solid

Mercury (Hg), Soil & Waste (7471A)

Hg, Water

Mercury (Hg), Water (245.1)

K, Dissolved

Potassium (K), Dissolved (258.1)

K, Solid

Potassium (K), Soil & Waste (7610)

K, Water

Potassium (K), Water (258.1)

Li, Dissolved

Lithium (Li), Dissolved (200.7)

Li, Water

Lithium (Li), Water (200.7)

Mg, Dissolved

Magnesium (Mg), Dissolved  (242.1)

Mg, Solid

Magnesium (Mg), Soil & Waste (7450)

Mg, Water

Magnesium (Mg), Water (242.1)

Mn, Dissolved

Manganese (Mn), Dissolved (243.1)

Mn, Solid

Manganese (Mn), Soil & Waste (6010B)

Mn, Water

Manganese (Mn), Water (243.1)

Mo, Dissolved

Molybdenum (Mo), Dissolved (246.1)

Mo, Solid

Molybdenum (Mo), Soil & Waste (7480)

Mo, Water

Molybdenum (Mo), Water (246.1)

Na, Dissolved

Sodium (Na), Dissolved (273.1)

Na, Solid

Sodium (Na), Soil & Waste (7770)

Na, Water

Sodium (Na), Water (273.1)

Ni, Dissolved

Nickel (Ni), Dissolved (249.2)

Ni, Solid

Nickel (Ni), Soil & Waste (6010B)

Ni, Water

Nickel (Ni), Water (249.2)

Pb, Dissolved

Lead (Pb), Dissolved (239.2)

Pb, Solid

Lead (Pb), Soil & Waste (6010B)

Pb, Water

Lead (Pb), Water (239.2)

RCRA 4, Dissolved

RCRA 4 Metals (As, Cd, Cr, Pb), Dissolved

RCRA 4, Solid

RCRA 4 (As, Cd, Cr, Pb), Soil & Waste

RCRA 4, Water

RCRA 4 Metals (As, Cd, Cr, Pb), Water

RCRA 8, Dissolved

RCRA 8 Metals, Dissolved

RCRA 8, Solid

RCRA 8 Metals, Soil & Waste

RCRA 8, Water

RCRA 8 Metals, Water

S, Dissolved

Sulfur (S), Dissolved (9038)

S, Solid

Sulfur (S), Soil & Wastes (9038)

S, Water

Sulfur (S), Water (9038)

Sb, Dissolved

Antimony (Sb), Dissolved (204.2)

Sb, Solid

Antimony (Sb), Soil & Waste (7041)

Sb, Water

Antimony (Sb), Water (204.2)

Se, Dissolved

Selenium (Se), Dissolved (270.2)

Se, Solid

Selenium (Se), Soils & Waste (6010B)

Se, Water

Selenium (Se), Water (270.2)

Sn, Dissolved

Tin (Sn), Dissolved (282.2)

Sn, Solid

Tin (Sn). Soil & Waste (7871)

Sn, Water

Tin (Sn), Water (282.2)

Tl, Dissolved

Thallium (Tl), Dissolved (279.2)

Tl, Solid

Thallium (Tl), Soil & Waste (7840)

Tl, Water

Thallium (Tl), Water (279.2)

V, Dissolved

Vandium (V), Dissolved (286.1)

V, Solid

Vandium (V), Soil and Waste (7911)

V, Water

Vandium (V), Water (286.1)

Zn, Dissolved

Zinc (Zn), Dissolved (289.1)

Zn, Solid

Zinc (Zn), Soil & Waste (6010B)

Zn, Water

Zinc (Zn), Water (289.1)

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