Biological Analysis:

These tests include microbiological examination of water samples to determine sanitary quality.  Also, tests using biological organisms to test the toxicity of industrial effluents are included in this sections.



Acute Effluent Toxicity

Acute Effluent Toxicity Testing (96h)

Bacteriological Water Quality

Bacteriological Water Quality (APHA 9020)

Bioassay Acute Whole Toxicity Bioassay

Chlorophyll A

Chlorophyll A (SM 10200H)

Coliform, Fecal

Coliform, Fecal  (SM 9222D)

Coliform, Fecal, Solid

Fecal Coliform, Soil & Waste (SM 9221E)

Coliform, Total

Coliform, Total  (SM 9222B)


Heterotrophic Plate Count (SM 9215)

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