Air Analysis:

Both  subatmospheric pressure sampling and pressured sampling can be used to collect whole air samples.  The Sample containers are then attached to the analytical systems and the volatile organics (VOCs) are then concentrated by collection on a trap system.

These VOCs collected on the trap are revolatilized, separated on a GC column and then detected by one or more detectors for identifications and quantifation.

The availability of reliable, accurate and precise monitoring methods for toxic VOCs is a primary need for state and local agencies addressing daily monitoring requirements related to odor complaints, fugitive emissions, and trend monitoring.  VOCs enter the atmosphere from a variety of sources, including petroleum refineries, synthetic organic chemical plants, natural gas processing plants, biogenic sources, and automobile exhaust.  Many of these VOCs are toxic so that their determination in ambient air is necessary to access human health impacts.



TO-14 (Mod)

Volatile Organics in Air by GC/MS (TO-14 Mod)


Volatile Organic Aromatics in Air by GC w/TPH (EPA-18)

TO-3 (Mod)

Volatile Organics in Air by GC w/TPH (TO-3  Mod)

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